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Oakhill shares a Morning of Drum Beats & Sports with Rondevlei Primary

Oakhill shares a Morning of Drum Beats & Sports with Rondevlei Primary

The sounds of the softly beaten drums by small hands slowly reached a crescendo and echoed down the school corridors of Rondevlei Primary. Suddenly the droning stopped and in the background, the shrieks of children scoring a soccer goal from the school field pierced the air.

The drumming started again – 35 children sitting in a semi-circle entranced by the instruction from Nidhi of Drum Café. The structured rhythm, the motor co-ordination, the creative energy and the delight of a music session leave the Rondevlei children describing their experience as ‘uplifting, happy, energised, excited, calm & wanting more’.

Whilst our drummers are seated, the other learners are side-stepping, running and kicking balls under the guidance of Oakhill’s Masters of Sport – Stefan Weyers and Rian van Straten. Stefan ‘pulls a move’ to avoid a Rondevlei Grade 5 learner taking the ball whilst another athletic footballer dodges Rian as he scores a goal. It’s hot but the energy and enthusiasm doesn’t dissipate – a “fast-melting” ice-cream cone quenches the thirst but the game is on!

“When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!”

Thank you Rondevlei – Thank you Stefan & Rian – Thank you Nidhi

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