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Learning & Play

Learning & Play

Little Oaks has spacious and well-equipped classrooms accommodating Grade 000 (3 to 4 year olds), Grade 00 (4 to 5 year olds) and Grade R (5 to 6 year olds) with an extra all-purpose classroom for assemblies, music, movement, dance and drama rings.

Our outdoor area is a natural playscape and an ongoing project with endless opportunities for play. You will find sand, mud, hills, plants, trees and water – places where children can experience stillness or places where they can be loud! Scientific studies continue to show that when children have access to a beautiful environment they have reduced stress levels, reduced ADHD and better behaviour and self-regulating skills.

All our teaching staff are well qualified and have a good understanding of child development. Most of all, they love children and are passionate about what they do! There is a Teacher Assistant in each class, and all staff are given opportunities for ongoing training and development to stay ahead of educational trends globally.

When teaching literacy and numeracy, we use interactive whiteboards as we believe technology is an important aspect of 21st Century learning and thinking. Grade Rs are also taught how to use an iPad, as well as other basic computer skills through educational games.



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Learning & Play

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Learning & Play