Learning & Play

Learning & Play

Little Oaks has spacious and well-equipped classrooms accommodating Grade 000 (3 to 4 year olds), Grade 00 (4 to 5 year olds) and Grade R (5 to 6 year olds) with an extra all-purpose classroom for assemblies, music, movement, dance and drama rings.

Our outdoor area is a natural playscape and an ongoing project with endless opportunities for play. You will find sand, mud, hills, plants, trees and water – places where children can experience stillness or places where they can be loud! Scientific studies continue to show that when children have access to a beautiful environment they have reduced stress levels, reduced ADHD and better behaviour and self-regulating skills.

All our teaching staff are well qualified and have a good understanding of child development. Most of all, they love children and are passionate about what they do! There is a Teacher Assistant in each class, and all staff are given opportunities for ongoing training and development to stay ahead of educational trends globally.

When teaching literacy and numeracy, we use interactive whiteboards as we believe technology is an important aspect of 21st Century learning and thinking. Grade Rs are also taught how to use an iPad, as well as other basic computer skills through educational games.

Our curriculum is centred around the child – each child is seen as an individual and every child matters to us. Developmentally appropriate teaching strategies and activities encourage the holistic development of each child, and we believe in discovering the strengths and learning styles in each child so that we can help them to reach their unique full potential.

All the domains of development and learning such as physical, social, emotional and cognitive are important and closely related. Children’s learning and development in one domain influence and are influenced by what takes place in other domains. Play is important for developing self-regulation as well as for promoting language, cognition and social competence. A focus on eco awareness and education also forms part of our daily approach to learning.

Little Oaks children are exposed to a wide array of cultural activities, ranging from art and dance to drama and languages. The Grade 000 and 00 classes have a specialist dance teacher once a week, whilst the Grade Rs have exposure to specialist dance, music, IT, Afrikaans and Xhosa teachers.

We enjoy numerous Special Days at school which also extend and enrich your child’s learning experiences. As a Pre-Prep we participate and work towards these together in Grade 000 to Grade R. Examples of these days are Children of the World Day, Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day Tea Party and a Father’s Day gathering around an early evening fire enjoying boerewors rolls together.

Our children also have many many opportunities to enjoy class excursions which enhance their learning experiences. For such outings they travel on the school bus, secure in booster seats. A few examples of these outings include a visit to Garden of Eden where they immerse themselves in the magical indigenous Knysna forest; making useful items out of wood at JB Furniture, and seeing seahorses and skates in real life at the Knysna Waterfront and SanParks on Thesen Island.



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