Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Learning is not only limited to the classroom, and we take full advantage of using the beautiful Garden Route and Knysna’s unique setting to enhance the learning experience. Various camps and outings are organised for each grade throughout the year to allow pupils to learn more about the environment, science, history, agriculture, conservation, leadership, problem-solving and adventure.

Experiential learning is part of the Oakhill ethos and outings include but are not limited to nature settings, museums and local tourist attractions. In addition to varied outings, we also organise camps from Grade 3-7 on an annual basis where pupils have the experience to sleep out and learn in a new setting.

Duration of grade camps:

  • Grade 3 – Two days, one night

  • Grade 4 – Two days, one night

  • Grade 5 – Three days, two nights

  • Grade 6 – Three days, two nights

  • Grade 7 – Four days, three nights

The Grade 7s also attend an extra 2-day, 1-night Leadership Camp at the beginning of the year. Here they immerse themselves in various team-building activities and discussions, with their thinking challenged around leadership and the different facets it entails.



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