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2023 Matric Results

2023 Matric Results

The Class of 2023 has achieved some wonderful results, both individually and collectively. Once again, our Matric group has achieved a 100% pass rate. The 2023-year group achieved a significant Bachelor’s Degree Pass of 97% (University Exemption pass). This Matric group has performed exceptionally well to achieve all subject averages above the IEB National average. 

A total of 63 subject distinctions were achieved out of a class of 31 candidates, with a total of 2,03 distinctions per candidate. Of the 63 subject distinctions, 8 of these were above 90%. 

Our Dux scholar, Grace Ash, achieved 5 distinctions and earned an aggregate of 85%. Grace also completed her Trinity Grade 7 Music Theory and Practical Exams and successfully completed Further Studies English.

Grace Ash and Kelly-Storm van Onselen are recognised by the IEB for achieving in the Top 1% nationally for Mathematical Literacy.

Top Achievers

Five Distinctions
  • Grace Ash (English, Mathematical Literacy, Geography, History, Visual Arts)
  • Cinzia Perosino (Afrikaans, Mathematical Literacy, Business Studies, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Kaylin Jacobs (English, Afrikaans, Geography, Life Sciences, Life Orientation)
Four Distinctions
  • Kelly-Storm van Onselen (Mathematical Literacy, History, Life Sciences, Life Orientation)
  • Olivia Smith (Business Studies, Dramatic Arts, History, Life Orientation)
  • Jared Shutte (Mathematics, History, Information Technology, Life Orientation)
  • Max Hayward (English, Dramatic Arts, Geography, Life Orientation)
  • Joshua Westcott (Afrikaans, Computer Applications Technology, Information Technology, Life Orientation
Three Distinctions
  • Charial Reynders (Mathematical Literacy, History, Visual Arts)
  • Tamar Zimerman (Mathematical Literacy, Dramatic Arts, History)
  • Dennis Zhu (Geography, Information Technology, Life Orientation)
  • Fenella Hill (Mathematical Literacy, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
Two Distinctions
  • Lily Donnell (Business Studies, History)
  • Chelsea Phillipson (Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Nicole van Strijp (Drama, Life Orientation)
  • Jade Harvey (Mathematical Literacy, History)
  • Alexander Leiar (Business Studies, Life Orientation

6 other members of the grade achieved one distinction.

Of the 63 subject distinctions, 8 candidates achieved subject distinctions over 90% – namely Grace Ash (Mathematical Literacy, Visual Arts), Kaylin Jacobs (Life Orientation), Kelly-Storm van Onselen (Mathematical Literacy), Max Hayward (Life Orientation), Jed Parker (Mathematical Literacy), Tamzyn Govender (Afrikaans) and Gene Viljoen (Afrikaans).

We congratulate Grace Ash, Cinzia Perosino, Kelly-Storm van Onselen and Olivia Smith who achieved A-aggregates (over 80%).

Grace Ash completed the Trinity Grade 7 Music examinations as an additional subject, and Dennis Zhu completed Grade 8. Both achieved 70% or more in their Trinity music exams.

When examining the matric results, and assessing the level of success of each group, we tend to refer to the sentiments of Simon Sinek, who always advises organisations to find their ‘why’ or their purpose. Furthermore, Oakhill is a school that welcomes inclusivity and encourages each person to achieve their own potential. At Oakhill, part of our ‘why’ is to focus on belonging and becoming, and encouraging a healthy lived experience as we strive to help young people grow to find their place in the world.

The IEB has confirmed that all of the candidates who passed the IEB 2023 NSC examination achieved a pass that grants access to tertiary study.

Congratulations to the entire class of 2023 on their excellent achievements and we wish you well for your next endeavour!

Click HERE to read the FULL analysis.

Click HERE to read the NSC Press Release.

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