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Throughout the Prep School, the ‘Joy of Learning’ is evident in the happy and engaged children you will find here. In our warm, vibrant and exciting learning environment, pupils’ ideas are heard and encouraged, creative talents are discovered and nurtured, academic skills and knowledge are integrated and implemented, and individual strengths and passions are celebrated.

This ‘Joy of Learning’ is enhanced and facilitated by a team of dynamic, dedicated and passionate teachers who are committed to implementing our learning programme and curriculum in a creative, inspiring and relevant manner. Learning is often discovery-based and experiential, making use of our beautiful Garden Route surroundings.

In the younger grades we focus on cross-curricular thematic teaching, learning style identification, critical thinking skills and a multisensory approach, ensuring that our children experience confidence, success, support and joy in these vital early years of their learning journey.

Higher-level thinking is stimulated in the older grades, where teachers follow a child-centred approach in classrooms, recognizing individual needs while encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their learning. Academic support is offered in class during lessons but also on a tutorial basis, in support classes after school or on a one-on-one basis with a specialist.

As a school, we benchmark ourselves nationally and internationally with pupils in Grade 3 and Grade 6 writing the IEB Core Skills Tests and the IEB International Benchmarking Tests (ACER). Year on year Oakhill is proud to state that our pupils have scored well above both the national and international averages.



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