Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

The ‘Joy of the Arts’ form a daily, integral part of our learning experience, with art, drama and music offered by passionate, specialist teachers. From Grade 1 through to Grade 9 , all pupils participate in several cultural activities during their academic day, which cover the disciplines of art, drama and music. For those who are particularly interested in the arts, extramural classes in each of these disciplines are also offered in the afternoons as an alternative to our sporting offering.

Oakhill pupils regularly participate in drama, music, art and dance eisteddfodau, where the judges are always impressed by the quality of our pupils’ performances. Every year, the Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase pupils take turns to act in a production. Here the students have the opportunity to act, sing and dance; they experience the team spirit of a cast work towards opening night, and through it all they develop a great sense of camaraderie and self-confidence.

In the Prep school, pupils are exposed to the basic principles of rhythm and note reading, and each child is encouraged to join the choir, marimbas or Prep Band.

The aims of the Music Centre are:

  • To ensure that all students who enter the Preparatory School learn to play at least one instrument
  • To encourage students to experience the joy of making music
  • To promote the development of musical interest and talent through individual tuition, ensemble and choral work
  • To build a sense of self-worth through mastering the disciplines encouraged by Music

Specialist tuition options include recorder, piano, flute, concert flute, recorder, saxophone, trumpet, woodwind instruments, harp, drums, guitar – both classical and electrical. Music theory is either taught by the music teacher during practical lessons or in specialised music theory classes, and students are encouraged to enter external music theory and practical examinations.

We have a beautiful space in which to be creative at Oakhill. In the Prep School, all pupils are exposed to a wide range of media and art techniques, and lessons are provided with the purpose of encouraging all childrens’ developing styles and imagination. In the Foundation Phase children often work with topics that relate to the theme of the class, exploring through their own experiences and imagination. Group projects are also included in order to develop interpersonal creative skills. In the Intermediate Phase, children are taught how to make skilled observation drawings, and art theory and history are taught through experiencing different techniques and media which range from fine pencil drawings, bold, scribbly crazy drawings; careful paintings, carefree paintings; lino, potato, wax and other printings, experiments with mixed media; clay and plasticine modelling, 3D statues and figurines; relief work, batik… it’s endless.

In the Prep School all students, boys and girls, take dance classes as well as Drama classes given by specialised teachers. Speech and Drama classes build self-confidence and culminate in theatrical productions in which each child may experience the thrill and the excitement of performing on stage.

Drama is valuable in developing good, clear communication skills and self-confidence which are essential tools in an increasingly media-driven world. The Prep pupils learn to interact harmoniously with one another and work effectively as a team, promoting good social habits. These lessons allow children to express themselves creatively through movement and vocal work whilst exposing them to a broad range of literature, music, dance and art. These skills are further developed in the extramural programme where passionate pupils can focus on vocal production, acting, theatre, arts and story development.

At the end of each year, significant achievements are celebrated at our annual IP Celebration. In addition to specific trophies and merit certificates, other arts accolades are awarded. The criteria for these awards are outlined in our Oakhill Prep School Honours and Colours Criteria.



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