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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

At Oakhill, pupils are treated with respect, recognised as individuals, and encouraged to develop self-discipline. Our Code of Conduct and school policies aim to facilitate a disciplined and purposeful school environment, dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of education. Furthermore, our aim is to inculcate a value system that will serve our pupils well beyond their school days.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct also aims to ensure that the School ‘s curricular and extracurricular programmes are executed in the most orderly way possible to create a climate in which teaching and learning can take place effectively.

The Oakhill Code of Conduct is guided by the following principles in its Constitution, set out under Aims of the School.

  • To assist Pupils in building strength of character and an appropriate value system.
  • To encourage Pupils to make informed choices, and to accept responsibility for those decisions and their consequences.
  • To provide a flexible approach to discipline with the aim of developing Pupils as self-disciplined individuals.


  • Educators at the School subscribe to the School’s Code of Conduct and undertake [inter alia] to:
    • Be punctual, well prepared and professional in their approach to education
    • Manage pupil performance effectively and motivate pupils to achieve realistic and meaningful personal goals
    • Be sensitive to the needs of their pupils and to address learning difficulties in a positive manner
    • Praise, encourage, recognise and reward pupils who strive to achieve
    • Create a classroom climate which is based on a learning partnership which makes education both relevant and stimulating
    • Set a positive example for their pupils
    • Administer discipline correctively and with dignity when necessary
  • Our School prides itself on having good relations with the School’s community, its pupils and their parents. While parents should expect the School and its educators to provide the best education possible with the available resources, parents should also accept responsibility for helping the School to achieve this goal.

Parents enrol their children at the School subject to their acceptance of the School rules and other conditions of enrolment. Parents also have the responsibility to (at least):

  • Actively support the efforts of the School and its educators to teach their children
  • Involve themselves to the fullest possible extent in school activities
  • Make positive suggestions and contributions to improve the School’s education process and the learning environment
  • Support the disciplinary structures and procedures of the School, and the reasonable efforts by the School to apply discipline effectively and fairly
  • Encourage their children to participate fully in School and extra-mural activities
  • Participate in the learning process and assist their children with homework, provide encouragement, check results and communicate freely with the School
  • Ensure that Pupils attend school regularly and are in attendance at all compulsory functions and activities, and that punctuality is practiced

In terms of the SA Constitution, every Pupil has the right to education. The School strives to provide the educational opportunities that its Pupils and the community deserve. Pupils themselves, however, must recognise that they have a responsibility to their parents, the School, their educators, their fellow pupils and themselves.Pupils, therefore, must accept and comply with the School’s rules and its conditions of enrolment.

Pupils, therefore, must accept and comply with the School’s rules and its conditions of enrolment. In more general terms, they must:

  • Comply with instructions from teachers and with the general rules of the School
  • Behave responsibly and not endanger the safety, welfare and rights of others
  • Respect and care for the property of the School and of others
  • Maintain sound relations with others, be courteous and respect the dignity and self-worth of others
  • Be punctual
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning and be diligent in their efforts
  • Behave honestly and conduct themselves with integrity
  • Accept legitimate disciplinary action taken against them



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