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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Our tuition is structured to enable us to provide the world-class education that we strive for while keeping our rates competitive with most private school fees in South Africa. Tuition fees are reviewed annually by the Board of Governors and School Management, in accordance with a comprehensive process, and are advised to parents before the fourth term of the year prior to the fees becoming applicable.

Grade2022 Monthly Fee
(11 Months)
2022 Annual
Discounted Fee
Grade 000R4 200R44 121
Grade 00R4 450R46 747
Grade RR4 850R50 949
Grades 1R7 800R81 939
Grades 2R8 300R87 192
Grades 3R8 400R88 242
Grade 4 – 7R9 000R94 545
Grade 8 – 12R11 500R120 808

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