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Little Oaks is our Pre-Preparatory School, where the joy of learning journey begins. We welcome children from the age of 3 turning 4 (Grade 000) in the protected and safe surroundings of Oakhill School, and we nurture and guide them to the reception classes (Grade R). As Little Oaks is part of a whole school (Grade 000 – Grade 12), this allows for an easy transition from the Pre-Prep phase to Grade 1 in the Prep School.

Pre-Prep is a vitally important phase in the development of a child, where they are discovering themselves and the world around them. We believe that it is our responsibility to create extraordinary spaces for young children to play and learn in, where they are free to experience learning through play and discovery. At Little Oaks, we aim to create spaces for children of all abilities to interact with nature through providing opportunities for them to explore, discover and imagine while looking to appeal to all their senses as they engage.

Teachers make full use of their indoor, as well as outdoor spaces, to guide young children in their social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, creative and emotional development.


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