Message from our Head

Message from our Head

An excellent education is about seeing and recognising a child for who and what he or she may be. It is not about moulding a child into a predetermined version of who you as the teacher feels he or she should be.

On the contrary, an excellent education is about listening, seeing and allowing each child to develop their talents in a holistic environment where individuality is championed and where the world to which our children are moving is the source of our preparation.

It is about instilling in our children values and morals that will, in concert with our parents and community allow them to become people of significance. At the same time, there must be a fundamental belief that achieving one’s best is non-negotiable. A positive sense of self is key to the development of young people and can only be achieved in an environment in which this is given expression.

Underlying all of this must exist a sense of team, of school and of community, a recognition that our humanness is intertwined and that we should develop, honour and celebrate this basic human imperative.

Oakhill School strives to be a school of excellence and I would sincerely value your support and that of your child in our school community as together we make the Joy of Learning our reality.

Yours sincerely,
Graham Howarth

Graham Howarth’s experience in education is rich and varied, with the role in leadership of schools spanning decades between Dominican Convent, St Peters, Damelin and Benoni High.

Graham is driven by a deep desire to empower young people to take responsibility for themselves. He is particularly interested in establishing a culture that is not only transformational in nature but allows young people to become adults of significance.

Graham holds degrees in History, notably South African history, which has been the catalyst in his desire to help facilitate change in South Africa. He is also a graduate of the Wits Business School where he completed the Leadership Development Programme in 2007.

A devoted family man, Graham has been married to Lynn for the past 32 years and they have two daughters, Kehli and Michelle. Graham is also a keen sportsman who believes in a healthy lifestyle.



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