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At Oakhill, we have a compulsory co-curricular programme that allows the opportunity to participate in various sporting activities. We believe that sport plays a vital role in the development of the whole child and that there is much more to sport than just recreation or improving pupils’ physical abilities.

The sports programme at Oakhill aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, a strong body, self-discipline and a positive competitive spirit. The lessons of humility, courage, discipline and teamwork learned on the sports field are essential components of a balanced education, and skills for life. Within the curriculum all students are given the opportunity to learn skills and develop talents, build confidence and enhance physical and social well-being.

Beginning with rudimentary ball skills in Grade 000 through to the well-developed athleticism and skill required at College level, a committed team of coaches strive to meet the needs of each student. In the Prep school everyone who plays gets to be in a team – this ensures that every child experiences the joy of teamwork and team spirit.


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