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Scholarships are awarded annually to children on the basis of performance in the Scholarship Examination, usually written in March each year. Pupils in Grade 7 are invited to write the Scholarship Examination on the recommendation of their Prep School Head. The exam includes written papers in English and Mathematics and is based on Grade 6 work. Candidates will be involved in a group facilitation involving thinking skills, and they will also be interviewed by senior staff.

Scholarships are awarded predominantly on academic performance with the additional consideration of sport and other cultural activities. They are awarded at the Head’s discretion and are normally valid for the candidates’ whole College career, provided that conduct and diligence are satisfactory. The right to not make awards in any year is reserved by the school.

Please note: There are a limited number of scholarships available and are not automatically awarded on application.

Important Dates

Scholarship Applications will only open in February. Forms will become available at that time and will be posted here on our website.

Enquire about our scholarship

If you or your child feel that you are eligible for a scholarship and would like to be notified in advance of our 2022 process starting, please complete this SCHOLARSHIP ENQUIRY FORM below .

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