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Music Soirees

Music Soirees

The Music Department is delighted to host a series of Music Soirees during this month. These Soirees are held in the Music Upper Room and include all the music students, offering them a platform to perform in a relaxed environment with a beautiful view. The first soiree was last Wednesday, performed by our Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3) music students. Our Trinity Exam candidate’s Soiree that will take place this evening and then the final Soiree, next Wednesday 24 August will showcase the combined talents of the Intermediate Phase (Grade 4-7) and College students. We are delighted to have our parents and family members join these events. There are further opportunities for a wider audience to hear our excellent and wide-spread music talents across the whole school. Please diarise Wednesday, 7 September for our Kaleidoscope Showcase not to miss out!

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