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Market Day

At 9 o’clock sharp on Friday the 4th November 2011, Grades 4-7 started setting up for Market Day

Each grade was assigned a different theme. Grade 4 had to sell anything to do with Christmas, Grade 5 had to sell tasty treats, Grade 6 had to make games for customers to play, and finally, Grade 7 sold various accessories

Market Day officially started at 9:30am. The vibe was on as all the teachers walked around, marking each group individually, and with all the children running to their bags to get their money to spend. The most popular theme was the grade 6 idea, the games. For most groups, Market Day was a success, but for some, well, let’s just say it could have been better.

The Grade 4 class donated all their profits, which added up to a total of R950.75, to Knysna Animal Welfare Society. They were most grateful to accept Oakhill’s kind offer. Well done Oakhill!

Reporter: Tamara Foyn, Grade 6

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