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Magical Kingdom

Magical Kingdom

A little bit of make believe makes for a whole lot of fun! The Grade One Princes and Princesses were invited to a Magical Ball and Banquet today in their classroom castle in the kingdom of Oakhill. This enchanting event marked the end of term and their Fairytales, Folktales and Fables thematic learning. Dressed in their finest, the handsome princes and beautiful princesses were announced on the royal ‘ blue’ carpet upon entering the palace. They enjoyed a banquet of delicious treats and toasted with their kiddies bubbly and champagne flutes. Waltzing on the dance floor followed these delights. To end a magical day they were captivated by the special guest appearance of the fairy godmother who told them some delightful mixed up fairytales. Thanks goes to all our amazing parents who helped our teachers and coaches make it such a joyous occasion.

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Magical Kingdom

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Magical Kingdom