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Little Oaks celebrate “Children of the World” Day

Little Oaks celebrate “Children of the World” Day

The children and teachers and Moms at Little Oaks celebrated “Children of the World” day on Friday.

Little Oaks Mom, Nicci Frew, shared with us today : “I just want to share the excitement this morning and also to say how amazing bus driver, Ettiene Sonqayi, is with the children.

Little Oaks celebrated their annual Children of the World Day on Friday, 25 May. The children arrived dressed as children from other countries and it was wonderful to see the different costumes. There were girls and boys from China, from India, from Thailand, from Africa, Australia, Israel, Italy, France, cowboys and cowgirls from the USA, Scottish lassies, English Roses, children from every corner of the globe.

On arrival at school they were given an opportunity to donate toys or clothing to be given to less privileged children at the Knysna Provincial Hospital. They were met with foreign music playing in the background and flags flying high from countries around the world. Many of the flags, the children had made themselves. A festive atmosphere prevailed! At 09h00 we were joined by the Grade 3 classes, who have also been learning about the different countries of the world. All the children gathered together and paraded down the passage to that familiar tune: “It’s a small world after all.” They then formed a circle around the world globe and different nationalities were called upon to introduce themselves.

The group was then entertained by Dawie Botha playing the piano accordion, the Mandarin teacher, Ms Hu, paid us a visit, Tanya, our Yoga teacher demonstrated a few Yoga positions, belly dancers from Egypt performed for us and two College students, Sean Brodie and Ciara Mayne played the bagpipes for us.

The parents of Little Oaks took charge of the food hall and what a magnificent spread this year, allowing the children an opportunity to taste food from Italy, Portugal, Australia and France, to mention but a few!

The day ended with some traditional games being played and special stories read to the children. We all agreed that this year’s celebration has been one of the finest, thanks to the help of our wonderful parents.

Reporter: Caroline Payton

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