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Joy of music

Joy of music

Our College Band has been hard at practice, learning some of the latest hits and a couple of golden oldies with the support of their enthusiastic music teachers, Mrs van Wageningen and Mr Bezuidenhout inspiring their musical journey. Oakhill also has an Intermediate Phase Band and Marimba Band in Oakhill Prep. Due to an increased interest in the College Band, the Music Department is very excited to start a second band, made up mostly of Grade 8 and Grade 9’s.

Learning a musical instrument has many benefits, such as improving cognitive and physical aspects of the human body, which our students hone across disciplines particularly in the academic sphere.

Oakhill has a rich tradition and broad cultural offering with students taking Art, Drama and Music as compulsory subjects until Grade 10 and thereafter as a choice for Matric. As an accredited Trinity Music Centre, students are able to fulfill the practical and theoretical aspects of music with a choice of 16 different instruments at Oakhill. Whether an academic subject or for their own social enjoyment our students truly find joy in music!

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