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Great Fun for “Golden Hour”

Great Fun for “Golden Hour”

Our Foundation Phase pupils had the opportunity to participate in our Golden Hour on last Friday. The objective of this special “goal orientated” project was to positively reinforce our Oakhill values and behavioural traits (e.g. manners, work ethic, kindness, respect and organisational skills).

Each pupil had the opportunity to ‘earn’ 12 positive acknowledgements on their personalised Golden Clock, over a fortnightly period which enabled them to sign up for one of the fun activities proposed by teachers. These activities included: ‘Slipping and Sliding in the Sun’ with Mrs Hodgkinson, a ‘Smores Galore’ Bring and Braai with Mrs Cross, ‘Growing Groovy Microgreens’ with Mrs Hayward, ‘Foodie Fun’ Snack Art with Mrs Frost, Creating Pottery Pieces with Mrs Platt and Exciting Science Experiments with Ms Strydom.

Our children were all so inspired and displayed wonderful motivation and incentive to participate in the fun. They certainly enjoyed this innovative project and we are all looking forward to our next ‘Golden Hour’ in 2023.

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