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Grade 00 Outing to Pledge Park

Grade 00 Outing to Pledge Park

The Grade 00 class went on a very exciting hiking trip to Pledge Park on Wednesday. We set out early in the morning all kitted out in hats and walking shoes, with our rucksacks brimming with delicious snacks for the trip.

We treaded carefully along the paths as we listened to the birds, smelled the flowers and looked for the elusive frogs in the streams. Snack time was not only for renewing our energy, but our budding artists drew lovely nature pictures around the pond. A few of our friends even tried their hand at fishing with reeds, whilst Alesandro dusted and tickled the plants with fern fronds.

A very exhausted Guinea Fowl class fell silent on the bus back to school, as some of our boys fell fast asleep.
What an exciting day in the forest, right here on our doorstep!

Report: Daleen Halton
Grade 00 Class Teacher

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