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Extra Special Grade 7 Camp

Extra Special Grade 7 Camp

In keeping with tradition, as ‘one of the best camps ever’ our Grade 7’s camp at Pine Lake Marina is indeed a much anticipated highlight of Oakhill Prep.

Once again, the camp was filled with tons of fun outdoor activities, amongst others kayaking and towel volleyball, and plenty of swimming and paddling. One of the evening tasks, the pupils themselves prepared their dinner meal. A group even managed to break the record for holding up a bowl of water without their hands. “I don’t know about you guys, but I think that’s pretty cool” commented a fellow Grade 7. There were also some groups pretending to be pirates while out on paddle boats.

All in all, the days were filled with chatting and laughter carrying on well into the evening, until lights out in the dorms.
What a great way to spend three days with friends!

The pupils expressed their gratitude to Mrs Kok, Mr Anderson and the Head of Prep, Mr Cross for arranging this amazing and memorable trip!

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