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Weekly Achievements: Week 3 Term 3 2015

Weekly Achievements: Week 3 Term 3 2015


vs Wittedrift

Score Player of the Match
2nd Girls Won 3-0 Kalcey Polson
1st Girls Won convincingly Renate Graupe

vs Langenhoven Gym

Score  Player of the Match
U14 Girls Lost 2-0 Jessica van Strijp
U14 Boys Won 5-1 Trevor Gebhard
U16 Girls Lost 2-1 Kayleigh Packwood
U16 Boys Lost 2-1 Matthew Barrett
2nd Girls Won 1-0 Gabriella Lubner
1st Girls Lost 3-0 Tamara Foyn
1st Boys Won 5-1 Jake Turner


vs Wittedrift

  • Lost 3-1
  • Player of the match: Ntokozo Rwapuluza


vs Wittedrift

  • Lost 31-5
  • Player of the match: Shared by Hanro Hay and Ruben Brits


vs Wittedrift

Score Player of the Match
Juniors Lost 3-2 Neena de Klerk
2nd Team Lost 14-7 Courteney Wilkinson
1st Team Won 15-10 Whole Team

vs Knysna High

Score Player of the Match
Juniors Won 19-8 Joscelin Fogle
1st Team Lost 23-10 Gabriella Vitali


Results from a Graded Eventing Show hosted by George Riding Club

  • Veda Vosloo
    2nd overall in the 70cm Eventing Class
  • Xisca Taylor
    2nd overall in the 90 cm Eventing Class
  • Paul Kotze
    3rd overall in 80cm Eventing Class
  • Kelly Dawkins
    5th overall in the Eventing Class

Body Boarding

Kade Dickens has been selected in the Southern Cape Body Boarding Team after only his first competition. He has only been body boarding for a year. A great achievement, COMING 4TH OVERALL.


1st Team NETBALL girls

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