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Weekly Achievements: Week 2 Term 4

Weekly Achievements: Week 2 Term 4


U15 vs City of London FS

  • Oakhill 242/8 in 45 Overs,
    Ben Pama 35, Sam Mvimbi 38, Lawrence Wiid 84.
  • City of London FS 99 all out, Dale de Gouveia 8/34 in 10.
  • Oakhill won by 143 runs.
  • Man of the match: Dale de Gouveia

1st vs City of London FS

  • Oakhill 294/7 in 50 Overs, J-J Strydom 75, Chris Marrow 152.
  • City of London FS 120 all out, J-J Strydom 3/22.
  • Oakhill won by 174 runs.
  • Man of the match: Chris Marrow


Water Polo

U15 and 1st Girls Quadrangular Water Polo Fixtures

Match Score Player of the match
U15 vs Glenwood Drew 3-3 Marelie Viljoen
Tammy Foyn
U15 vs Outeniqua Drew 4-4 Veda Vosloo
1st Girls vs York Lost 3-11 Kendra Underwood



SWD A-League Gala Results

  • Kendra Underwood achieved three 1st places and one 2nd place.
  • Jamie Hattingh achieved two 1st places, two 2nd places, one 3rd place and one 4th place.



ISKA National Sport Martial Arts Championships

Joshua Nel received one Gold and two Bronze medals at the SA Champs and has qualified for SWD Junior A Team Colours, as well as the 2015 SA Protea Team.

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