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Weekly Achievements Term 2 Week 7

Weekly Achievements Term 2 Week 7

Mountain Biking

IMG_2458Spur Series at Cairnbrogie

This past Saturday, Julian Bunge won the Sub-Junior category and has the leader’s jersey for the series going forward.

Other Oakhill cyclists also participated in the event, for the first time as a school. Oakhill placed 6th out of 11 schools, in a competitive and tight single track course prepared at Cairnbrogie Mountain bike track. Well done to cyclists Julian Bunge, Matthew Zwarts, James Armstrong and James Devine.

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vs Murray High

  • 1st Girls: Won 20 – 13
    POM: Bergen Pentz
  • U15 Girls: Lost 7 – 13
    POM: Chloe de Villiers
  • U14 Girls: Won 10 – 6
    POM: Christi Pretorius


vs York

  • 1st Girls: Lost: 3-1
    POM: Charne de Wet, Anna Reid & Kelly Dawkins
  • U14 Boys: Won: 1-0
    POM: shared by whole team
  • 2nd Girls: Lost: 2-0
    POM: Jenna Kitley
  • U16A Girls: Lost: 1-0
    POM: Julia Norval
  • 1st Boys: Lost: 0-8
    POM: Alec Yardley
  • 2nd Boys: Drew: 1-1
    POM: Shared by whole team
  • U16A Boys: Lost: 2-1
    POM: Aiden Le Fleur

Team of the week: u14 Boys Hockey team

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