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Visual Arts Drawing Exam

Visual Arts Drawing Exam

The theme for the Grade 11s visual art is “Every act of creation is an act of destruction and every act of destruction is an act of creation” based on a quote by Pablo Picasso

At Oakhill we strive to push our young artists to process and conceptualise thoughts and ideas about the world and society in which they live and communicate these original concepts through visual media. Once the ideas have been developed these drawings were created over 24 hours. The “24 hour drawing exam” is an expectation for the IEB examination in Matric and a great opportunity for our artists to hone these skills.

Drawing is the foundation for all art forms and at Oakhill we focus on an intense, skills-based approach to give our students the technical skills to enable them to give visual form to their concepts through their chosen media. We are extremely proud of the excellent standard of drawings produced. Well done Grade 11s!

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