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Trinity College Music Exams

Trinity College Music Exams

Oakhill’s Music Centre is an accredited Trinity Music Centre where the internationally acclaimed Trinity College London external practical exams take place annually for the area. Students from as far as Mossel Bay are examined by the international examiner who travels from abroad to conduct the exams in person.

Thirty three candidates from our area are registered of which 21 are Oakhill School music students! Oakhill has an exceptional group of musicians this year. Amongst them we have 7 music students in Grade 11 of which 6 will be performing their final repertoire as required from the IEB for Music as an additional subject. Incredibly four of them will be performing their Grade 8 Music final practical exam!

Oakhill takes great pride in our Music Department and that we are a Trinity Music examination center for the region. Music and song filters across our campus daily – with early morning music band sessions for both the IP (Grade 4-7) and College (Grade 8-12), three active choirs, as well as ongoing private tuition of 16 different instruments to many students throughout the school!

We would like to wish all our students well in their final preparation for their exams on 12 and 13 October and commend them for their commitment and very hard work, in achieving their levels!

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