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The Phendulani Literary Quiz

The Phendulani Literary Quiz

Oakhill was privileged to host the third Knysna Phendulani Quiz on Wednesday 26 October.
Concordia, Fraaisig, Hornlee, Sunridge and Thembalitsha schools brought a total number of 55 participants to the quiz. On arrival the learners had time to enjoy various activities with Oakhill learners: chess, four square, volleyball and an art class. Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed having time to get to know and socialise a little before the quiz.

During the quiz the excitement escalated as we all watched the scoreboard change after each round, finally revealing the winners: Fraaisig 1 first, Thembalitsha 1 second, and Fraaisig 2 third place.

The Phendulani Literacy quiz was founded in 2008 by high school teacher Marj Brown who is also the coordinator of Kids Lit Quiz in SA. ‘The aim is to twin well-resourced schools with under-resourced schools so that the pupils can also benefit from the fun of a literary competition and to spread the access to books through building partnerships.’ Each school was given 11 identical books, kindly sponsored by Exclusive and Bargain Books, to read over the past few months. The quiz was based on these eleven titles.

We congratulate the winners and all the participants for their reading expertise and we look forward to hosting next year’s event. Thank you to Sue Buchalter from KILT, who helped to co-ordinate this wonderful event.

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