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The Joy of the Arts

The Joy of the Arts

Ballet dancers Madison Starkey (Grade 7), Milani Magadla (Grade 7) and Celyn Godfrey (Grade 6) recently competed in the Cape Town Eisteddfod with outstanding results. Between these remarkable ballet dancers they competed in a total of 15 dances in the prelims, all of which they received diplomas (Gold) qualifying them to dance in the Finals. They excelled even further in the Finals, where medals were awarded for the winners of each category. Huge congratulations Madison Starkey and Celyn Godfrey for winning the U12 National Duet category and to Madison Starkey in her individual capacity to win the U12 Classical Solo, U12 National, and U12 Demi-Character categories. Well done to these wonderful dancers and their teacher Carmen de Sousa for their hard work and dedication. They can be very proud of their results! Eidsteddfod photos courtesy of Carmen de Sousa School of Dance

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