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Terrific Tyres & Takkies

Terrific Tyres & Takkies

Oakhill School’s annual adventure event, Tyres & Takkies, was celebrated for the first time this year at the school’s new Sports Campus. With over 700 entries, the fields were alive with runners, cyclists, spectators and a tempting array of stalls and activities.

The sporting events were the highlight of the day and these catered for all abilities and age groups. The first event FUN OAKS heralded the start of the day, where all could participate in either a 4km run or leisurely stroll around the magnificent venue. MINI OAKS catered specifically for the little ones, with an easy 1km cycle and 800m run around the fields. The two main duathlons targeted the adventurous, with the milder OAKS CHAMPS for the younger or less fit, and the more strenuous MAIN OAKS for those looking for a more challenging field! The latter proved to be an extremely competitive event attracting some top local athletes, including Vernon Moos, Stuart Lightley, Vincent Owen and Paul Micklewood.

For those finished competing, or those just spectating, there was a variety of activities and stalls to entertain and nourish, ranging from all sorts of savoury and sweet food offerings, to a photo booth, games and fun inflatables. Colour and fun abounded as many got into the spirit of going all out for the Best Dressed, Best Hat and Best Superhero competition. Even headmaster Shane Kidwell found some pink wings for the occasion! A great day was had by all, and Oakhill would like to extend their gratitude to all the sponsors, contributors and organisers who put in so much time and effort to make Tyres & Takkies a great success.

The results of the two main duathlons are as follows:

OAKS CHAMPS (5km cycle, 2km run)

  • Grades 1 – 3 Boys

    1. Tristan Vogt / Peter Lamprecht
    2. Mark Canny
    3. Dylan Hemmes
  • Grades 1 – 3 Girls

    1. Kate Tanner
    2. Hannah Bridge
    3. Nina Fioravanti
  • Grades 4 – 7 Boys

    1. Joshua Smith
    2. Lourens Kok
    3. Cole Battell
  • Grades 4 – 7 Girls

    1. Hannah Micklewood
    2. Jessica Devine
    3. Nchedi Knill
  • Open

    1. First boy – Daniel Weeks
    2. First girl – Anna Reid
  • Team

    1. Josh & Dean
    2. Team Zolianos
    3. Team Shrosbee

MAIN OAKS (10km cycle, 5km run)

  • Male

    1. Vernon Moos
    2. Harry Maarsingh
    3. Jason Campbell
  • Female

    1. Robyn Dodd
    2. Shelby Sofianos
    3. Whinny Orpen
  • Team

    1. Team Showen
    2. Rudi’s Tigers
    3. Beauty & the Beast


Best Dressed Overall

  1. James Cooney and Mr Kidwell
  2. Mr Browne
  3. Jeremy Adams and Niklas Franke

Best Hat

  • Leon Smith

Best Superhero

  • Phoebe Turner


  1. Jubilee
  2. Millwood
  3. Bendigo


A special thank you to our photographers Penny Foyn and Petra Quinlan for capturing the moments. Thank you to Guy Jacobs, Altha Brink, Monique Donnell and Jo Pieters for your contributions too!

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