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Term 2: Weeks 4-5

Term 2: Weeks 4-5



1st Boys Results:


vs Chesterhouse

Won 3 – 0

M.o.m: Leo Thesen


vs CBC St. John’s

Won 6 – 0

M.o.m: Josh Pama


vs St. Dunstans

Won 3 – 0

M.o.m: Shared by Caleb Bell and Chris Marrow


vs St. Georges

Won 8 – 0

M.o.m: Jake Read


vs Cannons Creek

Won 7 – 1

M.o.m: Jono van der Merwe


vs Elkanah House

Won 6 – 0

M.o.m: Chris and Thomas Marrow


vs Glenwood House

Won 4 – 0

M.o.m: Joshua Pieters (also won the leading goal scorer prize)


1st Girls Results:


vs Heron Bridge

Won 4 – 0

M.o.m: Kristi van Staden


vs CBC St. John’s

Won 5 – 0

M.o.m: Emma Horn


vs St. Dunstans

Won 4 – 0

M.o.m: Anola Walk


vs St. Georges

Won 9 – 0

M.o.m: Cara Nicoll


vs Cannons Creek

Drew 0 – 0

M.o.m: Lulu Read


vs Elkanah House

Lost 0 – 1

M.o.m: Mikayla Oliver


vs Chester House

Won 6 – 0

M.o.m: Shared by Samantha de Kock and Lulu Read


vs Glenwood House

Won 1 – 0

M.o.m: Shared by Amy Williams and Hannah Laughton




Knysna Canoe Club


Well done to Nina Orzechowski for receiving the award from the Knysna Canoe Club for the Best Junior Female Paddler of the Year!




u16 Boys vs Wittedrift

Won 6 – 1

M.o.m: Greg Cuthbert


1st Boys vs Wittedrift

Won 6 – 1

M.o.m: Josh Buchalter


1st Girls vs Mosselbay

lost 0 – 2

M.o.m: Amy Williams


Well done to the following students who were selected for SWD Hockey teams in their respective age groups:

Caleb Bell, Chris Marrow, Greg Cuthbert, Josh McCaw, Ben Giliomee, Anola Walk, Amy Williams, Leo Thesen, Jake Read, Thomas Marrow, Luke Bell ,Kristi van Staden, Cara Nicoll.




All teams vs Plett. Sekonder


u15’s lost 2 – 4

2nd’s  lost 1 – 9

1st’s lost 2 – 11


Well done to all the Girls who took part.




Trail Running


Southern Cape Trail Run 3-Day/ Stage event running over three different terrains.


Jason Sherwood achieved the following results:


Day 1: 25 km Mountain Terrain he finished 2nd with a time of 3:15:34

Day 2: 30 km Forest Terrain finished 3rd with a time of 3:24:58

Day 3: 20 km Coastal Terrain finished with a time of 2:21:38

His overall standing in the Male solo category was 3rd with a time of 9:02:11.


Well done to Jason and you can read the full article on


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