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Start of Term 2 Letter from our Head of Prep

Start of Term 2 Letter from our Head of Prep

Dear Prep Parents and Pupils,

I would like to extend a warm welcome back to all our Oakhill community at the start of Term 2. I trust that we will be able to share in a productive, meaningful and happy term ahead. A special word of welcome to the children and families that have joined or re-joined Oakhill this term. 

As we look to the start of the new term, I would like to remind parents and children of some important points. 

It is important for children to be at school on time. Arrival time at school needs to take into account the time required to complete the compulsory screening process on arrival at school. Arriving at school late is disruptive to the class and unsettling for the individual concerned. 

We are ever mindful of the busy traffic flow at the front of school and would like to ask all members of our community to assist us in managing this responsibly and safely. Please be aware of the high volumes of children in this space and adhere to the signage as well as the drop and go areas that apply. For clarity on the procedures in this respect, please refer to the updated information contained in this link

Children that make use of the Plett bus are reminded that it is important to book timeously for the week ahead. Please note that children that have not booked an afternoon bus may be asked to catch a later bus in order to accommodate those that have booked in advance. 

Following the consultation with an arborist we were advised that the bluegum tree next to the Tuck Shop needed to be removed, as it has died and is now a health risk to the school due to the possibility of falling limbs. The other two bluegums have been pruned to get rid of all dangerous limbs. 

As we continue to manage the threat of the COVID-19 virus, I would like to once again ask that, as the Oakhill community, we continue to respect the regulations, protocols and recommendations that continue to remain in effect. The recent Government Gazette of 27 March has outlined conditions under which schools may return to more formal sporting and cultural activities including the accommodation of inter school fixtures. This information has been well received by our school and the sports department in particular who have already started exploring the opportunities that these new regulations offer us. Over the next two weeks we will be formalising squads and introducing the next phase of training in preparation for fixtures as and when these can be arranged. Please note that Prep co-curricular activities will commence on the first day of school (Wednesday 14 April).

The gazette also clearly stipulates that all co-curricular activities, training and potential fixtures may only continue providing that there are no spectators. This sadly means that our current restrictions on access to our school campus and the OSC by parents or spectators will remain in effect. Parents are reminded to remain in the parking area at the OSC when collecting or dropping off children and that they may not access the sports campus and clubhouse which is for the use of children, officials and staff. While these conditions are not ideal we would ask that all parents respect these measures so that we can ensure that our children have the most, safe, meaningful and enjoyable sporting experience possible under the circumstances. 

As with all spheres of endeavour at Oakhill, we are constantly striving to raise the bar in our sport programme. Our school has a proud history of punching above its weight while offering sports that allow our pupils to find their niche as well as being competitive against some of the top independent schools in South Africa. Sport is a vital part of any child’s development and plays an important role in their health and well being, both of mind and body. As has been mentioned in previous communication, The Board has instituted an in depth, independent review of all aspects around sport at the school – the operating model and programme (including personnel: management, coaching and administration), our sport philosophy and vision, infrastructure and facilities. 

The review, which runs until the end of June, involves; 

  • Individual meetings with current and former coaches, parents and staff 
  • Online surveys of current and former pupils, and alumni, followed by focus groups addressing specific issues raised 
  • Observation of physical education classes and sport practises 
  • A review of policies, job descriptions, previous surveys and current programmes 
  • An assessment of existing facilities in terms of the proposed sport policy. 

Anyone who wishes to contribute any information or assist in any way should contact Conan Olivier at 082 060 3255 or [email protected] 

For ease of reference we have included the brochure sent out in recent correspondence from The Board detailing the short-term sport projects at the OSC. These projects are planned to be completed before the end of the fourth term. 

Congratulations to Deborah Hayward, one of our Grade 4 educators, who has been recognised as a Google for Education Certified Coach. This is a wonderful and most significant accomplishment especially as there are so few schools that can boast that they have a Google Coach on their teaching staff.

As we start to introduce more activities and become busier we would like to remind you that you can follow the calendar dates that have been confirmed on the Prep Calendar. The link to this information can be found at this link which is on the school website. 

Wishing you and yours strength, health and happiness for the term ahead. Thank you for your continued support of our school. 

Kindest regards,
James Cross 
Head of Prep

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