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Lockdown Sports Motivation

Lockdown Sports Motivation

By this time last year, we would have already completed many of our derby days and hockey festivals. In hockey, coaches often use the saying, “You only see obstacles when you take your eyes off the goal”. During these difficult times, it may seem that the obstacles are just too overwhelming, but if we keep our eyes on our goals, we can still achieve anything we set our minds to. Whether the goal is getting the best Matric possible, or keeping fit enough to be ready for hockey matches when they start again, VASBYT! This too shall pass …

Our other favourite winter sport in the Prep school offers some traditional rugby wisdom: “Quitters never win, winners never quit”… Our Prep rugby coaches – Ruan, Andile and Justin – have been keeping this philosophy alive by regularly posting video exercises to Google Classroom to ensure the teams don’t quit their fitness, as well as offering inspiration to ensure the pupils keep a positive winning mindset!

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Lockdown Sports Motivation

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Lockdown Sports Motivation