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Spirited Swimming

Spirited Swimming

There is no better way to start the year, on a hot Summer’s day, than in the Oakhill pool at the College Inter-House Gala! The energy and vibe was brilliant at the gala on Thursday as the cheers carried over the Knysna lagoon. With matching camaraderie and competitiveness the inter-house swimmers battled it out for the title of gala champions across the various formal and additional fun events.

Congratulations to Jubilee for taking the top honours as the winning house, with 2nd place going to Millwood and 3rd to Bendigo. Millwoods encouraging supporters deservedly secured the Spirit cup. Accolades go to top swimmers Amelia Manning (Jubilee) as senior Victrix Ludorum and Luke Scott (Jubilee) as senior Victor Ludorum, as well as junior Victrix Ludorum, Izibelle van der Wath (Jubilee) and the junior Victor Ludorum, Adiano Perosino (Millwood). Well done!

Thank you to all the swimmers, supporters and staff that made it a gala to remember.

See all the photos on our Oakhill facebook page.

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