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Solitude and reflection

Solitude and reflection

Reflection is encouraged on The Odyssey. This tends to happen spontaneously in a beautiful natural setting when one is far from home and faced with tough mental, physical and emotional challenges and afforded enough time to work through these. Around half-way through the 21-day journey, the students enter a 36-hour ‘solo’ during which they spend a day and a half alone in the bush. The contrast between this time of silent solitude and the intense group dynamics of the first ten days brings out profound and honest thinking, much of which is documented in the students’ letters. It is a revelation to read their thoughts on gratitude, humility, perseverance, delayed gratification, mental strength, grit, respect, tolerance, confidence, collaboration, values, priorities, resilience, compassion, endurance, privilege, opportunity, relationships and much more. Some quotes from the letters to the Head of School include the following: “Odyssey has helped me to just be myself and to accept others for who they are.” “I have never experienced anything as peaceful as solo. I think I needed this peace and quiet to reflect about what I want to change and do with my life.” “If Odyssey taught me one thing, it is gratefulness.” “Odyssey has shown me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and believe I can.”

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