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Saying it with Love, Saying it with Soccer

Saying it with Love, Saying it with Soccer

Father, Dad, Pa, Daddy, Old Man, call him what you wish, our Fathers will continue to be our heroes and Super Dads.

On a breathtakingly beautiful winter’s morning, our Dads massed together in great numbers to showcase their wonderful skills on the soccer field. We greeted 148 of them. A wonderful turn out, in fact, the best ever. They were here to celebrate this wonderful day with great enthusiasm and we want to thank each and every Dad for making the effort and for supporting this most enjoyable event. The day was met with great excitement and lots of energy from all our pupils and their Dads. And to top it off, there were some fantastic soccer skills and wonderful sportsmanship showcased.  So in the famous words of the great Superman “Up, up and away” till 2014!

Report: Joanie van Straten

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