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Research and Visit to Pledge Park

Research and Visit to Pledge Park

Our Grade 8 students have been learning about adaptations in plants and animals as one of their Natural Sciences themes this terms, and how these help them survive in their habitat. Before taking a walk down to Pledge Park, the students all downloaded the iNaturalist app on their phones, and they were given a short lesson on how to use the app to identify plant and animal species. Once in the park, they had to find three producers, two herbivores and two carnivores, photograph them, and then upload their pictures onto the iNaturalist app in order to help with the identification. Once identified, they did some research on how each species is adapted to thrive in this environment, and then present their findings in a slide presentation. Every student loved the opportunity to explore and learn outside of the classroom and they immersed themselves in their task. The students are encouraged to keep using this wonderful app to photograph and identify plant and animal species around them. This process assists in the populating of databases for the various organisations in and around the Garden Route, and at the same time, inspires students to keep learning! “Anything that you can teach in an indoor classroom can be taught outdoors, often in ways that are far more enjoyable for students” – Cathy James

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