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Prep Students Shine at George Eisteddfod

Prep Students Shine at George Eisteddfod

Victoria Still (Copy)Congratulations to all our Prep students who took part in the annual George Eisteddfod. This is the 8th year that Oakhill Prep has taken part, entering a total of 49 items, and achieving the following fantastic results: 20 A++, 10 A+, 14 A, 1 B+ and 2 B.
Well done to all the students and sincere thanks to Beatrix Hardick for the expert guidance! Special congratulations go to Victoria Still for winning the Junior Cup – the highest award of the evening.
Victoria follows in the footsteps of Emma Gibson, who won the Junior Cup for three years in a row before moving to England. With another three years of Eisteddfod’s ahead, we can look forward to some exciting performances from this very talented young lady.
George-Eisteddfod (Copy)

Detailed results below:

Grade 1

  • Abia Groves – A+ Is it a monster?
  • Dior Baillie – A
  • William Greenwood – A++ Now we are six  Undramatised poetry
  • Ben Rutherfoord – A  Tthe tiger and the Zebra Undramatised poetry

Grade 2

  • Ethan Browne – A
  • Liam Nurse – A  Hugs
  • Tivon Buchalter – A
  • Ethan Pallent – A Glurp the purple alien Undramatised poetry
  • Roddy Barker – A+ Monster under my bed Undramatised poetry
  • Brianna Smuts – A+ Opposite Day Undramatised poetry
  • Madison Starkey-  A++ Hairy Toe Dramatised Poetry
  • Aron Genade – A I taught my cat to clean my room Undramatised poetry
  • Tivon Buchalter – A shark in the toilet Undramatised poetry

Grade 3

  • Moya Browne – A Crazy mayonnaisy mom  Undramatised poetry
  • Ben Lemke – A++ Sick Undramatised poetry
  • Abigail Du Plessis – B Bunk Mates Dialogue
  • Anja Barnard – B  Bunk Mates Dialogue
  • Mae Buhr – A My Rules Undramatised poetry
  • Adrian Hunter – A Monster under my bed Undramamatised poetry
  • Jacob Hersch A Frankenhamster Undramatised poetry
  • Fallon Lowe – A+ My dog has no manners Undramatised poetry
  • Gregory Rodwell – A+ Lucy Rabbit Undramatised poetry

Grade 4

  • Lucy Rutherfoord – A+ White Horse Undramatised poetry
  • Tatum Logan  –  My hamster? Undramatised poetry
  • Victoria Still – A++ The Amazing Race Dialogue
  • Victoria Still – A++ Strict  Dramatised Poetry
  • Victoria Still – A++ A simple case of toothache Undramatised Prose
  • Victoria Still – A++ Mom won’t let me keep a rabbit Undramatised poetry
  • Victoria Still – A++ The Witches Monologue
  • Brooke Williams – A+ Do not throw anything out the window Undramatised poetry
  • Nadav Buchalter – A++ The Amazing Race Dialogue

Grade 5

  • Jana van Wageningen – A++ One dark Night  Dramatised Poetry
  • Erin Fietze – A Sick Undramatised poetry
  • Liam Nelson – A++ Brian Wong who was never wrong Undramatised Prose

Grade 6

  • Kate Tanner – A+ Freddie
  • Erin Payton – A++ Mrs Bugbuster Dramatised Prose
  • Erin Payton – A++ Text Rumours Dialogue
  • Erin Payton – A++ Fried Monologue
  • Ein Payton – A++ If you’re old and have the shakes Undramatised Poetry
  • Zara Osman – A Written in the Stars Monologue

Grade 7

  • Lulama Mvimbi – A++ Still I rise    Dramatised poetry
  • Lulama Mvimbi – A++ Strong Enough     Monologue
  • Lulama Mvimbi – A++ Let my voice be heard    Undramatised poetry
  • Bayley Smuts – A+ The Naming of Cats Undramatised poetry
  • Jemima Wilcox-Jones – A+ TV Remote
  • Bayley Smuts – A+   TV Remote
  • Jessica Hall – A++ Text Rumours Dialogue
  • Ashley Cairncross – B+ Jabberwocky Undramatised poetry
  • Ashley Cairncross – A++ Red Riding Hood Dramatised Poetry

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Prep Students Shine at George Eisteddfod

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Prep Students Shine at George Eisteddfod