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Prep Spring Walk

Prep Spring Walk

On Friday 26th August we were due to go on our Spring Walk but it was postponed due to bad weather. The following Friday finally arrived and the weather was perfect for our walk.

Our grade was the 3rd group to arrive at the beach. The walk was so much fun & we were so lucky to see whales and dolphins having a good time in the nice cool water. It took us about 2 hours to walk the length of the beach which was great because we missed a lot of schoolwork.

As we all arrived at the end of the beach we washed our feet and walked up the stairs where there was a nice man waiting to give us each an ice-lolly. The view was amazing from the top of the hill, with the waves crashing and the water looking so clear. We walked up to the restaurant with our freezing ice-lollies in our hands.

The class moms were kindly waiting to meet us at the restaurant with cakes, hotdogs and cupcakes. After we received our yummy food, we relaxed on the grass. It was unfortunate that we had to leave and go back to school but that was definitely a fun-filled day to remember.

By Cassidy Hartslief

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