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Prep Open Water Waterfront Chukka Festival

Prep Open Water Waterfront Chukka Festival

Three years ago our Open Water Chukka Festival started as only a small dream for the Prep school. It has been really difficult to build and develop this sport in our small province and never did we ever think that this dream will become a reality. This year that dream has become a reality. Never did we ever imagine having more than 8 teams enter into this festival, yet this year we had 19 teams. 10 boys’ teams and 9 girl’s teams from 12 schools entered. In only 3 years we have managed to grow this festival to such an extent that it is now one of the “not to be missed” events on the calendar for all primary schools with water polo as a sport.

What a privilege for all the entered teams to have had the opportunity to play this magnificent sport in such a unique setting. This is the only open water festival of its kind for primary schools in the world and there are only a handful of these facilities world-wide. This is truly a great opportunity for any young water polo player to experience this extraordinary event. We had two pools running simultaneously this year, one for the boys and one for the girls. The buzzing of activity at the Knysna Waterfront was catching and it brought some large numbers of feet to the Waterfront and benefited our local business to a great extent, together with putting Oakhill on the Water Polo map.

We hope this event will only get bigger and better each year. Great thanks and appreciations goes to all our wonderful staff and coaches for their hard work and effort at this event. And a special thanks to Terri Pautz, Festival Organizer and Ian Melliar, Festival Director for their expertise and organization during this festival.

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Results of the Chukka Festival:

 U13 A Girls  
Won 6-4 vs Llandudno
Lost 0-10 to Sunvalley
Lost 1-11 to Cannons Creek
Lost 1-10 to Wynberg
Won 8-1 vs Kingswood
Lost 2-3 to Stirling
Won 4-3 vs Oakhill Invitational Girls
Won 5-1 vs Reddam


Oakhill Invitational Girls
Lost 0-4 to Reddam
Lost 4-8 to Llandudno
Lost 4-14 to Stirling
Lost 2-12 to Cannons Creek
Lost 3-4 to Oakhill
Lost 0-10 to Sunvalley
Lost 3-11 to Wynberg
Won 6-4 vs Kingswood


U13 A Boys 
Lost 1-8 to Sunvalley
Lost 1-5 to Stirling
Lost 3-4 to Glenwood
Won 10-2 vs Oakhill Invitational Boys
Lost 2-9 to Grey
Lost 1-7 to Plett Water Polo Club
Won 6-3 vs St Georges
Lost 0-5 to Cannons Creek
Lost 1-2 to Reddam


Oakhill Invitational Boys
Lost 0-11 to Plett Water Polo Club
Lost 0-8 to Cannons Creek
Lost 0-11 to Reddam
Lost 0-13 to Grey
Lost 0-8 to Stirling
Lost 1-6 to Glenwood
Lost 2-10 to Oakhill
Lost 2-6 to St Georges
Lost 1-17 to Sunvalley



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