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Prep Chukka Festival ends on a high note

Prep Chukka Festival ends on a high note

Students, parents and spectators enjoy a fantastic three days exciting water polo at the Oakhill Prep Waterfront Chukka Festival this weekend. Thank you to all the schools that joined us in Knysna – it’s been fabulous to share in this busy weekend of water polo, food and fun with support from Drydock and 34 South. You can look forward to further coverage by Active Education and Lets Play who have been integral this weekend – we appreciate your support! Photos with kind courtesy of Jo Tanner.

See the full gallery of photos on our Oakhill facebook page

Prep-Chukka-1 Prep-Chukka-2 Prep-Chukka-3 Prep-Chukka-4 Prep-Chukka-5

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