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Prep Art Exhibition

Prep Art Exhibition

Every year I find it almost impossible to make a selection of art works for the local Young Artist’s Exhibition held at the Knysna Art Gallery at the Old Gaol Museum. I make a large selection, and I then enlist the help of Amy Nuttall, our College Art teacher, and any other available teacher, to assist in choosing my limit of ten pieces. (This year I snuck in an extra two!)

Our exhibition this year consisted of Nina Fioravanti’s ‘fishing boat’ painting (Amy wants to steal it), Emma Gibson’s ‘favorite thing in the world’ (reading in bed with her cat), Catherine Donnell’s ‘pit of snakes’ (sweet ones), Alexa Shutte’s beautiful vase of flowers, Hannah Verrier’s ‘watching a play’, Hannah Micklewood’s ‘picnic plate’, Gemma Kilian, Robin Pieterse, Joscelin Fogle, and Courtney Austin’s’ storm at sea’ (inspired by a Grade Six poetry lesson), Nathan Austin’s beautiful ‘winter tree’ and Francine Olivier’s ‘landscape of the school’.

Put together, the childrens’ creations made a superb display and we received many compliments. Congratulations to Joscelin Fogle and Catherine Donnell, who received gift vouchers from Bargain Books for their beautiful works of art.

Report: Julie Stevenson

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