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Pimp My Creche

Pimp My Creche

On Friday, 2nd September, after school, a group of Oakhill students in Bendigo House loaded a bus with books, blankets, food, paint and tools. We had committed to working on and improving the Eyethu Creche by painting the walls white so that murals could be painted on them to brighten their learning space.

A book corner was created with a new book shelf, a carpet, many teddy bears and hundreds of new books. The boys cut the grass and fixed the broken door handles and shelves. On Saturday morning we painted murals on the walls in bright colours and posted up the childrens’ beautiful art.

We also had a civvies day to raise funds for the Eyethu Creche and with monies raised we bought them a new microwave oven, 2 new heaters and some electricity. Everyone that participated had a great time, feeling content about helping the community.

A special thank you to all the Bendigo students who contributed books, money, paint, food and household items and a big thank you to Bendigo House Mentor Lee Raynor, for organising the project.

Reporter: Nicola Giliomee
September 2011

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