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Peter Bishop Invitational Hockey Festival

Peter Bishop Invitational Hockey Festival

Oakhill hosted the annual Peter Bishop Invitational Hockey Festival on Saturday 2 June.  The highlight of the local hockey calendar, it is the only u13 hockey festival in the SWD that is played partially on astro, and consisting of 40 minute games.  The perfect surfaces of the York Quarry fields and of course the York Astro, combined with decent length games, produced some great hockey, underlining the growth and passion for hockey in our area.  Oakhill Staff again pulled out all the stops to ensure the success of the event.  The Oakhill teams had mixed results, but continue to grow and showed enough that they will once again be a force to reckon with as the season progresses.

The Festival is underlined by Peter Bishop’s message in the program:

“Let the Children Play.  Your duty on a field is not to win, but to be an artist – even a movie star – as you use your skills to help the other players in your team.  You cannot spend enough time fooling around with a ball to improve your skills.  One day you will forget the results of today’s games, but you will be better because of the way you played and the way you controlled the ball.”

Reporter: Stefan Weyers

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