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Old Oak Emma Horn Shines in Berlin

Old Oak Emma Horn Shines in Berlin

Currently completing her PhD Emma Horn won second place in the Falling Walls Lab world finals with her ‘green’ bio-tile innovation.

Originating with the Berlin Wall, which fell in 1989 after separating East and West Berlin for nearly 28 years. The Falling Walls Lab is an international network and forum for young innovators in Science, Technology, Medicine, and related fields. It includes top academic institutions from more than 60 countries and is a platform for creative thinkers to introduce their “breaking walls” ideas to the public.

Emma Horn’s pitch on bio-tiles set to shake up the fossil-fuel-reliant ceramic tile and construction industries. She has developed innovative, energy-efficient tile production methods that have a minimal environmental impact. We are excited to watch her future progress and are exceptionally proud of her!

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