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Oakhill’s Provincial Hockey players prepare for Tournaments

Oakhill’s Provincial Hockey players prepare for Tournaments

Oakhill Hockey continues to impress with a number of their Hockey players achieving Provincial recognition and actively preparing for the respective Provincial Weeks around the country.

Last year over 20% of all pupils in the College at Oakhill were either Provincial or National athletes in their respective sporting disciplines. A large proportion of these athletes are Hockey players … the reason why Oakhill Hockey finds itself in such an impressive position at the moment.

The reasons for this are numerous. The commitment from the pupils is amazing. Oakhill Staff are actively involved in the Provincial setups as coaches, managers and/or selectors. The opportunities over the years afforded to our Hockey players has been absolutely amazing with tours to Holland, Argentina and Spain, all having a massive contribution to the passion and success of this sport.

The following Oakhill pupils have been selected for the respective teams:

u14 A Teams

Bianca Mincione, River Martin, Scott Armstrong, Sam Mvimbi

u14 B Teams

Anna Reid, Tamara Foyn, Ben Pama

u16 A Teams

Amy Williams, Greg Cuthbert, Steven Campbell*

*Unfortunately Steven Campbell fractured his clavicle at the Independent Schools’ Festival at St Albans. He has been in sublime form and we feel for him as he watches on anxiously!

u16 B Teams

Morgan Watson, Nick Thomson, Chris Watson

u18 A Team

Stephen Cameron, Caleb Bell, Thomas Marrow, Chris Marrow

What is glaringly absent is the provincial representation of the senior girls.

Alastair Trafford, Sports co-ordinator, has also been selected to represent Southern Cape at the up and coming South African Country Districts tournament.

Chicco Ponela and Athi Magadla are coaching the U16A and u19B Provincial teams, respectively.

The benefit of being involved in the Provincial setup is astronomical. Not only do all involved grow massively, but it benefits Oakhill Hockey as a whole, as all individuals bring back knowledge and expertise they obtain through this experience.

Report: Dave Pryke


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Oakhill’s Provincial Hockey players prepare for Tournaments

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Oakhill’s Provincial Hockey players prepare for Tournaments