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Oakhill’s First Girls’ Hockey

Oakhill’s First Girls’ Hockey

Oakhill’s First Girls’ hockey has been remarkable and ever-improving. Neither coaches, nor players can really comprehend how much our team has improved, even now with our 7 Matric players writing prelims and out of action and introducing five amazing u16’s. We managed to come off the astro on the 3rd September with a 4-0 victory against the Ladies NMMU side (topping our last victory against them by two goals).

Last year’s season was undoubtedly the best season Oakhill Girls’ First Team has ever had, but this year’s season was the cherry on top. Our team excitedly ventured to Cape Town to play the Chris Brother’s Tournament – a fresh, thrilling experience and an internationally prestigious event – losing all but two matches (which we classify as substantial experience), one of which we drew with Belville (but through the emotional course of some superb P-flicks, lost 2-3), the other we won against Westerford 1-0 (Australian, Dutch, English and the rest of the teams being upper-class, tough competition). We enjoyed ourselves nonetheless and added it to our mounting hockey experience.

Besides this challenging affair we have exceeded expectations by earning victories against Knysna High School (4-0) in a warm up match and a serious match (3-0), Glenwood once (1-0) and again (2-0), and our other Garden route competitor, Principia (4-1). In the Cape Town region we beat Camps Bay (3-0), Fairmont (2-0) and Bridge House (1-0) – all decent and challenging, but lost in an unyielding match against Warmbad (0-1) and the George Women (0-4).

One strange thing about our team is that our first half we play 110% and dominate, then in the second half we become soft and keep it at the stale-mate. A brilliant example of this is our last game against York (our toughest, most serious home competitor, who we seem to have a trend of losing 4-0 to), where we scored the first goal, getting them a bit worried, I rightfully suspect. After half-time they came at us with fire, determination, and some panic, and managed to score a goal. We battled and struggled and played our hearts out to keep the score there. In the last 10 seconds they entered our D on our right (their weak side) and back-sticked the ball into the top-right corner at the most outrageous angle – no one expected that. It was a sensational, unbelievable moment. An emotional rollercoaster but rewarding nonetheless, our best score yet against York, 1-2.

Next season holds many more possibilities of reaching greater levels of improvement and entertainment. Thank you to everyone on the team and a special thanks to Mr Raynor, without whom we would not have reached such great heights.

Reporter: Emma Horn

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Oakhill’s First Girls’ Hockey

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Oakhill’s First Girls’ Hockey