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Oakhill’s Christmas and Farewell Morning with Rondevlei Primary

Oakhill’s Christmas and Farewell Morning with Rondevlei Primary

Wednesday 28th November 2012

Santa (aka Stefan Weyers) woke up wondering why he didn’t have to fill his over-sized red jacket with a pillow this year!  The children of Rondevlei woke up wondering what delights Santa would bring them and the teachers of Rondevlei woke up wondering whether this would be their last Christmas on the low-lying sandy soils of their school grounds.

The wonderings soon turned to a morning of excitement and delights for the 55 primary school children – a morning of reflection and giving and a morning of sad farewells and tears.

“Herman the Magician” twisted ropes and balloons and entertained us all with his magic tricks and flamboyant character.  Penny and her team spent hours delicately and beautifully painting each and every child’s face with iridescent paint.  The children serenaded us with songs of thanks and Mrs Saayman and her teaching team echoed words of humble thanks to all at Oakhill.

Before our tearful goodbyes, the excited children devoured their lunch packs whilst unpacking their Santa goody bags filled with stationery, treats, skipping ropes, yo-yo’s, laser lights, footballs and toiletry items and Santa Weyers joined in with a dance session.

Farewell Rondevlei Primary – may the children find happiness in their new schools and Mrs Saayman and her teachers, comfort, knowing that their passion and dedication shines through their students.

Special thanks to all the Oakhill parents who kindly supported our Rondevlei Angel Tree Project – you are all angels.  Thank you.

Story by Vanessa Eyre

Photos by Petra Quinlan

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