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Oakhill Water Polo at an all-time high

Oakhill Water Polo at an all-time high

Chukka Water Polo Festival a massive success

Oakhill took on Water Polo as a school sport some three seasons ago and have directed the province’s fixtures and administrative structures ever since.  The George schools have “come to the party” in a big way and improved considerably to ensure that the competition between all four schools, namely: Outeniqua, York, Glenwood House and Oakhill, is healthy and exciting.

In recent weeks, Glenwood Boys got one up on Oakhill 1st Team by beating them 5-4, with the Oakhill Girls going up 7 -4.  York Girls are a strong unit and won convincingly earlier in the term (16-4) with the Oakhill 1st Team Boys winning (5-1) – Oakhill u15 Boys won 11-6 and u15 Girls won 13-1. Oakhill took all four Water Polo teams to Woodridge last weekend and performed extremely well.


1st Boys: Alex Road 2nd: Won 6 – 2; St Georges: Won 5 – 3; Woodridge 2nd: Won 7 – 2.

1st Girls: Alex Road 2nd: Won 5 – 3; Alex Road 3rd: Won 9 – 2; Woodridge 1st: Lost 9 – 2.

Following three days of Water Polo in the Knysna Quays, the Oakhill hosted Chukka Water Polo Festival was a resounding success.  With 14 teams taking part in the College Festival and two pools running simultaneously, the hive of activity at the Knysna Waterfront was an experience not to be missed.  This brought a huge number of feet to the Waterfront and benefited local business to a large extent, together with placing Oakhill firmly on the Water Polo map.

A number of Cape Town schools participated, together with the local “big four”, in what is an incredibly unique Water Polo Festival.  It is the only such permanent, open-water facility in Africa and possibly the only such schools’ festival in the world.  There may only be half a dozen like facilities world-wide.  So, for any young Water Polo player, it is an incredibly special experience. Oakhill will continue to endeavour to grow this festival for next year, as we embark on our third year of hosting this extremely impressive event.

We had a number of quality referees officiating at the festival, led by none other than Ian Mellier, international, Olympic and World Championship referee, together with three other highly qualified referees.

Results of the Chukka Water Polo Festival:

Oakhill 1st Team Girls:

vs York: Won 8 – 7

vs Fishhoek: Drew 7 all

vs Glenwood: Won 12 – 2

vs Bridgehouse: Lost 8 – 4

vs Pinelands: Lost 21 – 2

Oakhill 1st Team Boys:

vs York: Won 8 – 4

vs Fishhoek: Lost 11 – 7

vs Glenwood: Won 10 – 5

vs Bridgehouse: Lost 9 – 5

vs Woodridge: Lost 7 – 5

Report: Dave Pryke

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