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Oakhill take Cape Town by Storm!

Oakhill take Cape Town by Storm!

Oakhill embarked on a Derby Weekend of monstrous proportions last weekend, taking 143 Oakhill students and staff to Cape Town for the weekend. This is part of the sporting strategy, where we take all our sporting teams to compete against opposition to create a festival atmosphere and teach them life skills like in no other way possible.

The pupils were involved in an array of disciplines (Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Netball and Chess) and cultural activities (Battle of the Bands and musical items) and also participated in a number of team building and interactive games and competitions. The weekend culminated in a fantastic social with a theme, “Fire and Ice” where they danced the night away and were able to socialize with their competitors and hosts. All students and staff were hosted – 143 people in total – a massive achievement by Chesterhouse and El Shaddai. Our pupils were exposed to all the life skills of team sports and interacting with peers of similar age from different academic institutions. Being hosted is one of the greatest life skills that you can learn and a big thank you to those of you who were hosted on your own…..I believe you got spoilt rotten!

Although we arrived in stormy weather, all the fixtures remained as per itinerary except for the Netball being moved indoors, a lovely experience for our players, and the Mountain Biking was moved to the Saturday. Those who were able to take part in the Mountain Biking raved about the course which was very technical and one of the toughest in the country. The competition against our opposition (from similar sized schools) was a great match with most of the fixtures being a true test for us. For this reason and many others e.g. like-minded schools, fantastic people, polite students and many other compatibilities, this fixture will become an annual event, taking part on a home and away basis. In 2014 Oakhill will be the hosts…..please start with alterations on your houses with immediate effect……we need to accommodate the masses!

I would like to thank all Oakhill staff who gave up their weekend to provide this fantastic opportunity for the Oakhill pupils and especially to thank all hosting families. However, a very special mention must be made to Sonya Adams (Chesterhouse) and Peter Sawyers (El Shaddai) who arranged the entire weekend.

At Oakhill we must be doing some things right and this quote from a Chesterhouse mother speaks volumes for the type of families we have at Oakhill. “Just wanted to say what a lovely group of well mannered, pleasant boys we had for the weekend. It was an absolute pleasure! I hope my kids would behave like that if they were guests in someone else’s house!”

Thank you for an amazing weekend…..it was a special experience for all involved.



u14 vs El Shaddai: Won 7 – 2; vs Chesterhouse: Drew 2 – 2; u16 vs El Shaddai: Lost 2 – 9; vs Chesterhouse: Won 11 – 5; 1st vs El Shaddai: Lost 4 – 9; vs Chesterhouse: Lost 3 – 7


1st team vs Durbanville Rugby Club Development B: won 15 -14; u15s vs Durbanville Rugby Club Development: lost 17 – 7


vs El Shaddai: u14 lost 4 – 2; u16 won 2 – 1 and u18 won 2 – 0

vs Chesterhouse: u14: won 7 – 1; u16 won 2 – 0 and u18 won 1 – 0


u14 Boys: vs El Shaddai: Drew 1 – 1 mom: Tiffy Lellyett; vs Chesterhouse: Drew 1 – 1

MOM: Tobey Walk

u14 Girls: vs El Shaddai: Lost 1 – 3 mom: Bianca Mincione; vs Chesterhouse Invitational:

Won 4 – 0 mom: Tammy Foyn

u16 Girls vs El Shaddai: Won 1 – 0 mom: Simone Coetzee ; vs Chesterhouse: Won 7 – 0

MOM: Robyn Dodd

u16 Boys vs El Shaddai: Drew 1 – 1 mom: Jarred Wels; vs Chesterhouse: Won 2 – 1 mom: Josh McCaw

1st Girls vs El Shaddai: Won 3 – 0 mom: Anola Walk; vs Chesterhouse: Won 7 – 0 mom: Shared by Sam de Kock and Lulu Read

1st Boys vs El Shaddai: Won 3 – 0; vs Chesterhouse Won 2 – 0 mom: Greg Cuthbert

Report: Dave Pryke

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