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Oakhill School’s Rugby Team take on the Mighty York Side

Oakhill School’s Rugby Team take on the Mighty York Side

Although York is a school that is known for their incredible hockey, if their rugby team were to be compared to Oakhill’s, most wouldn’t expect a game like this ever to take place. Nevertheless, the hard working junior (u16) rugby team at Oakhill organised a fixture against the mighty York side!

Saturday 4th June: Match Day

There is something about school boy rugby on a Saturday morning that one cannot explain; there is something unique about it that other sports do not offer. And this particular rugby feeling is not known by many at Oakhill. But for us 10 guys who were involved, we know exactly what it’s about! We were up for our biggest rugby challenge ever, taking on the big guns of York.

York were first to score, after their wing received the ball deep in their half. There was a miss-tackle and no one could stop him. Their wing was extremely quick and big enough to be a bouncer at Zanzibar! This was a clear signal that we all had to lift our game to the next level to compete with York. And every single player did exactly that. Mazi, Godwin and Josh stepped up and were there to stop the big wing every time he tried to break loose. We had an immediate answer with a good run from inside our own half, getting the ball wide and gaining over 50m and getting inside there 22. Eventually Mazi dotted down in the corner. York managed to score again and the half time score was 5-12 to York.

After an extended first half we were all exhausted. The second half didn’t start off too well as York scored 2 tries in quick succession, making it 5-22. Things really weren’t looking good. But the game was not over yet, as Oakhill fought back bravely and managed to put together some top class rugby, dominating possession for the rest of the game and playing good quality rugby. This seemed to draw quite a good crowd. Good hands in centre field gave Josh space, but then he found himself 1 on 1 with their big winger, but made sure that he didn’t come out second best, side stepping him completely and running half the field to score under the posts. Oakhill managed another try very soon after that, with a great set play coming off perfectly with Godwin being the try scorer. The game ended 17-22 to York, but showed that we were definitely able to compete with the tough opposition. An increase in our level of fitness will do wonders for this team, with a very exciting second half of the rugby season still to come.

Reporter: Josh Buchalter
June 2011

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