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Oakhill Launches Food Garden

Oakhill Launches Food Garden

The pandemic highlighted several challenges facing South Africa and particularly in Knysna, food security was one of these.

Oakhill’s food garden was designed and launched last month on our school grounds as part of our citizenship programme in response to the needs of our community. Our students were encouraged to start growing seedlings which where then planted in the garden.

A soup kitchen in Hornlee, Caring Angels which feeds 50 children and the elderly weekly, has been identified as the recipient of the produce from our food garden. We are very excited to have the assistance of two ladies who manage the soup kitchens, Beryl Claasens and Mrs Karen Harker help us tend to the garden. Oakhill looks forward to playing a significant role in helping our communities with dignity and respect through our food garden, while providing a holistic education including social responsibility as a goal for all students.

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